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Taking notes at conferences

With WWDC approaching we thought we’d write a short summary of best practices on how to use SubEthaEdit to collaboratively take notes at conferences together. So, what to do when you are sitting in a session eager to write down what has been said?

First open up SubEthaEdit and press ⌘K to see the Connections window. If you’re lucky, others on the WiFi are already taking notes of your session. If so, join ‘em!

If not, just make a new file with the “Conference” template, like this:

Conference Mode

The template has some syntax coloring for headlines and metadata and makes it easy to take structured notes. Don’t forget to save your file under a descriptive name, e.g. “Session 101 - Introduction” and annouce it with ⇧⌘E.

Oh, and before you are typing away and having fun documenting your conference experience, here’s another tip: Conferences tend to have slightly shaky networking and WiFi. To make sure SubEthaEdit uses as little precious network bandwidth as possible for a quick connection, disable transfer of the full document history, in the Preferences, like this:

Document History setting

We hope you have fun taking notes at WWDC! 

(Oh and btw: You can use our free trial to do so, it runs for 30 days and is available here.)

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