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Introducing Tageslicht

Today we welcome this little utility to our family of apps. It fits into the basic category of apps we ourselves always wanted to have and use, and we hope you find it useful as well.

If you find yourself frequently in the vicinity of great TV screens with AirPlay support, this app is for you. For us and our famlies it has become second nature to just project our foto library onto them to have a great group experience. However, every now and then we want to show something physical too. But if you just mirror the built in camera or loupe app, you never get a pleasant result. Black bars, incorrect rotation or the touch interface icons overlaying everything.

Tageslicht in action

With Tageslicht you now have a great experience streaming your camera so it fills the screen, is low latency, and shows exactly what you want it to show. We like special purpose built apps, and we definitely found this area to be lacking one. We hope you have as much fun and pleasure with this App as we did developing and refining it.

Carcassonne availability extended

Carassonne is (edit: was) available for purchase again!

We (and Hans im Glück) got a lot of email and messages from you. Some of the most heart-warming are from people who are currently in isolation, or are practising social distancing to protect us all and save lives.

Since this is not a permanent solution, we will continue to offer it with the discounted price and only for a short while. Thanks again to Hans im Glück for allowing us to do so.

Update 2020-03-30: The cross platform version by Asmodee has now arrived in the App Store, therefore our version of Carcassonne has finally been withdrawn. You can still download your version on new devices, get updates, purchase expansions and support our online servers. More details at the Carcassonne FAQ.

Introducing MonkeyBox with #1: Polarized!

Say hello to our new MonkeyBox series.

MonkeyBox Logo

The logo of our new series. MonkeyBox.

So what is it? More than experiments, less than a multi year development cycle long form game. A format that allows us to explore new concepts, ideas or just fun little games. Actually anything that we want the world to see. View it as our current stab at making mobile games for you at a reasonable one time price – we'll continue to stay far away of any scammy business models.

We are kicking it off with MonkeyBox #1: Polarized! – a mystery photo story. Using your camera as the controller you help the protagonist remember the details of their story.

Polarized! explores a unique way to use the camera for gaming. It leverages the fantastic Apple CoreML machine learning frameworks. This way it recognizes image content instantly, without ever leaving your device or needing additional server power. Authored, imagined and developed by the great @sightwise.

We think this is a great start for the series and hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. Check it out while we try to take a little release breather. After that we will continue onward with our next projects.

We do hope to release at least two entries for this series each year. 🤞

Carcassonne Going out with a Bang!

We kept busy since our Carcassonne announcement about a month ago. Instead of just putting our head in the sand we decided that we will do one last Update to put as much life into our rendition as we can. And here it is, with 2 weeks left on sale, Carcassonne 4.40. It might not look like much, but making Carcassonne finally™ adjust fully to the extended screen estate of the newer iPads was quite a bit of (scary) work. A huge shout out to @ellduin for taking the time so we can release it before we have to go out of sale.

We also decided to add a voluntary paid subscription. Online play will stay free for all for as long as we can offer it, but with this tip jar subscription you can give us additional incentive and support. We'll promise to use these funds to make that happen for as long as technically possible. Thanks in advance to all of you who will choose this option, it is very much appreciated!

And finally: The 50% off price will, as promised, stick until we have to remove the App from sale on March 1st. So you still can activate your friends to get this version.

We hope you enjoy the extra screen estate usage on the bigger iPads! If you have any open questions, the Carcassonne FAQ can help you, or just contact us directly.

And stay tuned: we will have a non-Carcassonne, but @sightwise related announcement for you soon.

Farewell, Carcassonne!

With a heavy heart we have to announce that our rendition of Carcassonne will no longer be available for purchase as of March 1st 2020. Our contract with the Company behind Carcassonne, Hans im Glück, has come to an end. Shortly after that, the interpretation by Asmodee will be available for purchase for Mac and iPhone/iPad, so your Carcassonne needs will be catered for in the future.

And while our version will no longer be available for purchase, we'll guarantee to run our servers for at least a year from now, and after that for as long as is technically feasible for us.

We want to celebrate this with a final sale to give as many of you and your friends a chance to obtain this version while you still can. And if you haven't yet, I encourage you to also have a look at our other fine games, Rules!, One Button Travel, Lost Cities and Chicken Cha Cha Cha, which will be offered at a discount for a limited time as well.

Although this means the end of the road for our rendition of Carcassonne, we are excited about our future projects and hope that we can tell you more soon!

This has been an amazing ride for us. Our online service catered for over 2 Million active devices at peak times. You finished over 8.5 Million games, and on average there are around 3.500 games up and running at any point in time. We launched on non-retina iPhones, and expanded and supported over 20 models of iPhone and 19 models of iPads. From iPhone OS 3 up to iOS 13 today. We proudly have a service uptime of over 99,999% during that decade, thanks to our erlang-based technology.

We thank Hans im Glück for having given us the opportunity to build and run this amazing product, and all of you for playing and enjoying it!

Carcassonne Farewell Sale