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Introducing Cards! – MonkeyBox 2

Say hello to the second entry of our MonkeyBox series.

Cards! is a card based story driven puzzle adventure specifically designed with mobile in mind. Simple to start and easy to get lost in.

And this time we are doing something special: we leveraged unity to create a playable teaser with original content. It is playable on all modern browsers, also and especially on your mobile devices. Cards! will be released on April 15th and is available as a discounted pre-order now.

In addition to that we are happy to announce that the title that started the series: Polarized! – MonkeyBox 1 has been nominated for the prestigious "Deutscher Computerspielpreis" in the mobile category. The online award ceremony is happening on April 13th so let us all send good vibes to @sightwise.

If you missed it: Polarized! explores a unique way to use the camera for gaming. It leverages the fantastic Apple CoreML machine learning frameworks. This way it recognizes image content instantly, without ever leaving your device or needing additional server power. Authored, imagined and developed by @sightwise.

And while we didn't reach our goal of release two MonkeyBox titles each year, the story goes on, just at a different cadence. With everything going on in the world we are proud to continue to release and deliver experiences for you to enjoy, at a fair one time app store price. If you want to make sure you don't miss out on the next boxes, follow @tcm_box.

Introducing Tageslicht Cards! – MonkeyBox 2 available now!