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Carcassonne Going out with a Bang!

We kept busy since our Carcassonne announcement about a month ago. Instead of just putting our head in the sand we decided that we will do one last Update to put as much life into our rendition as we can. And here it is, with 2 weeks left on sale, Carcassonne 4.40. It might not look like much, but making Carcassonne finally™ adjust fully to the extended screen estate of the newer iPads was quite a bit of (scary) work. A huge shout out to @ellduin for taking the time so we can release it before we have to go out of sale.

We also decided to add a voluntary paid subscription. Online play will stay free for all for as long as we can offer it, but with this tip jar subscription you can give us additional incentive and support. We'll promise to use these funds to make that happen for as long as technically possible. Thanks in advance to all of you who will choose this option, it is very much appreciated!

And finally: The 50% off price will, as promised, stick until we have to remove the App from sale on March 1st. So you still can activate your friends to get this version.

We hope you enjoy the extra screen estate usage on the bigger iPads! If you have any open questions, the Carcassonne FAQ can help you, or just contact us directly.

And stay tuned: we will have a non-Carcassonne, but @sightwise related announcement for you soon.

Farewell, Carcassonne! Introducing MonkeyBox with #1: Polarized!