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Introducing MonkeyBox with #1: Polarized!

Say hello to our new MonkeyBox series.

MonkeyBox Logo

The logo of our new series. MonkeyBox.

So what is it? More than experiments, less than a multi year development cycle long form game. A format that allows us to explore new concepts, ideas or just fun little games. Actually anything that we want the world to see. View it as our current stab at making mobile games for you at a reasonable one time price – we'll continue to stay far away of any scammy business models.

We are kicking it off with MonkeyBox #1: Polarized! – a mystery photo story. Using your camera as the controller you help the protagonist remember the details of their story.

Polarized! explores a unique way to use the camera for gaming. It leverages the fantastic Apple CoreML machine learning frameworks. This way it recognizes image content instantly, without ever leaving your device or needing additional server power. Authored, imagined and developed by the great @sightwise.

We think this is a great start for the series and hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. Check it out while we try to take a little release breather. After that we will continue onward with our next projects.

We do hope to release at least two entries for this series each year. 🤞

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